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Our tours are up and running again

UPDATE: This blog post is no longer relevant. It is no longer a requirement in Denmark to be vaccinated to participate in tour activites. 

Finally!! All tours are up and running again now. The museums, castles and churhces that we visit are open and we have run the first tours this week. There are still not many tourists in Copenhagen so our tours do not run every day like normal. Please check the schedule when you book.

You need to have proof of being vaccinated or a negative COVID19 test that is no more than 72 hours old (=3 days) to go on the tour. The same rules apply for our guides. 

There is, however, very little COVID19 in Denmark at the moment. The daily number of cases in the entire country hover around 200-400 at the moment. More than half the population has been vaccinated so the epidemic does currently not pose a big risk.

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