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How Corona virus affects Hamlet Tours

We are just at the beginning of the epidemic and bookings are already down 70-80% compared to last year. We expect it to get worse before it gets better.

This week we have run only three tours with groups of 2, 9 and 9 people. As a customer it is good news. It means you can get very private tours and that the risk of getting the virus from other passengers on our tours is very low.

If you want to be extra safe, you can book our tours as private tours to avoid being with other guests.

As a company, it is, of course, a bit of a disaster. We are losing a lot of money already and our guides and drivers are not going to have much to do in the coming months which will hurt them economically. 

We fully support the efforts to contain the virus. Elderly people should stay at home and the rest of us should do what we can to avoid spreading the virus. We owe that to the weak and elderly and to our health system.

We strongly discourage anyone with flu symptoms or anyone who has been to infected areas from going out in the public - including going on our tours. We will actively cancel bookings from people coming from Northern Italy, South Korea, Iran and China in the coming weeks and months.

We would like to thank the health care workers in Denmark for the enormous effort that they will put into fighting the virus.

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